Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cornflake sold on eBay for USD1,350

A piece of cornflake which resemble the shape of the Illinois state was sold on eBay for USD1,350 by two sisters.

This is the Illinois-shape cornflake sold for USD1,350.

The buyer for this piece of item is the owner of a trivia website, pop culture and Americana items. Read more here - Sold! Cornflake goes for $1,350

Other copycat items that are available in the ebay are conrnflakes shaped like Hawaii and Virginia, and potato chip shaped like Florida.

So, if you have anything interesting, you can consider using ebay to sell off your unique items like a Penisular Malaysia shaped carrot, tapioca or else.


shopping cart said...

Is that guy was fool?

vickie said...

erm read this article in The Star newspaper before. If malaysia got such an insane people.. I think we become rich already