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Electronic Commerce - Blog Carnival (2nd April 2008)

Welcome to the April 2, 2008 edition of electronic commerce. (Vol 2, No. 7, 2008)

James D. Brausch presents Visitor Values posted at Internet Business Blog.

Andrew Erickson presents No Phone Number For You! Part I posted at WebSite Werx.

Woody Maxim presents The Fear of Loss posted at Woody Maxim.

Kenton Newby presents One of the Best Content Sources for Infoproduct Creators and Affiliates posted at KentonNewby.com.

Mark Riffey presents Blocking time improves small business owner productivity posted at Business is Personal.

Aaron Brandon presents Don’t Leave Home Without This posted at Aaron Brandon.

Steve Oliphant presents Easy method to take notes posted at Steve Oliphant's Musings.

Don D. Morrison presents Do You Have True Personal & Financial Freedom? posted at dondmorrison.com.

Sarah Paine presents Is Your Site NeoPet Sticky? posted at Sarah Paine.

Joshua C. Karlin presents An Opportunity Not to Be Missed posted at Internet Business.

Bill Mcintosh presents Google AdManager: The First Product From Buying DoubleClick posted at Bill McIntosh.

Marius Visan presents Flickr video beta posted at Global PWD.

Marcus Hochstadt presents Dreaming vs. Achieving Goals posted at Marcus Hochstadt.

Jimmy Sansi presents They Got It! posted at The Kaizen Business.

Rob Moshe presents 8 Steps To Success In Network Marketing. posted at Rob Moshe.

Praveen presents Importance of Testing Websites posted at My Simple Trading System.

Joshua C. Karlin presents Internet Business Moves, Fundraising Ideas Stay posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Steve Oliphant presents Discover how to accept all major credit cards on your website with these simple steps. posted at Steve Oliphant's Musings.

Woody Maxim presents Happy Easter... and another 24 hour special posted at Woody Maxim.

Helen Anderson presents 8 Easily Avoidable Causes of Business Debt at Personal Finance Blog, Budgeting, Debt @ Bankaholic posted at Bankaholic.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Physician Entrepreneur - Business, Strategy, and Wealth posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Heather Johnson presents 5 Best Ways to Be an Eco-Friendly Computer Geek posted at Envirotech.


Fred Black presents Google WebMaster Tools posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

Adie Dornom presents 3 Tips to Blog Like a Manic and Still Have a Life posted at Lee McIntyre's Honest Marketing Blog.

Sabrina Jefferson presents Internet Marketing Newbie Action Plan posted at Sabrina Jefferson.


Terry Dean presents 8 Steps to Create Your Internet Business posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Carol Bentley presents Results are in. . . lessons to learn. . . posted at Carol Bentley, saying, "Results are in...lessons to learn.."

Ask Matt presents Why Using No WWW Can Boost Your Pagerank posted at BlogTactics.com, saying, "No www boosts pagerank"

Ask Matt presents Want a Bribe? posted at iamUncovered.com, saying, "Want a bribe"

Ask Matt presents RealTraffic Exchange Widget Gets Targeted Traffic posted at IM & Affiliate Marketing Product Testing, saying, "RealTraffic Exchange Widget Gets Targeted Traffic"

Ed Rivis presents Don’t run your Internet Business like these guys. posted at Ed Rivis, saying, "How not to run your internet business"

Andrew Erickson presents Merchant Processing 101 posted at WebSite Werx.

Joshua C. Karlin presents Fundraising Ideas - Identification posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Kenton Newby presents Stop Taking Care of Your Customers and Maybe They'll Leave You Alone posted at KentonNewby.com.

Jimmy Sansi presents Magical Methods That Increase Sales posted at The Kaizen Business.

Woody Maxim presents Removing the risk posted at Woody Maxim.

Aaron Brandon presents Just Start A Business? posted at Aaron Brandon.

Carol Bentley presents Writing to your audience posted at Carol Bentley, saying, "Writing to your audience"

Ed Rivis presents The correct course of action for online success. posted at Ed Rivis, saying, "The correct course of action for online success"

Brian Terry presents What are the top 17 sources of affiliate traffic? posted at Big Selling Affiliates Blog.

Adie Dornom presents 7 Easy Steps to Build Your List For Free posted at Lee McIntyre's Honest Marketing Blog.

Adie Dornom
presents Do You Need A Squeeze Page For Your Business? posted at Lee McIntyre's Honest Marketing Blog.

Adie Dornom presents 3 Golden Rules For Email Marketing Success posted at Lee McIntyre's Honest Marketing Blog.


Shaun Connell presents The Internet is Running Out of Domains posted at Work at Home, saying, "Is the Internet running out of real estate?"

Cindy King presents How Information Products Sold In Foreign Markets Can Save Your Business When Your Economy Is Slow posted at Get International Clients.

Matthew Paulson presents Save Time With Online Continuing Education posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Cindy King presents International Internet Marketing & Keyword Placement posted at Get International Clients.

Cindy King presents Why Free Online Translation Make It So Easy For Getting International Clients posted at Get International Clients.

Kenton Newby presents Six New Reasons Why You Need to Use Aweber posted at KentonNewby.com.

Adie Dornom presents Looking For Desperate Niche Markets? posted at Lee McIntyre's Honest Marketing Blog.

Adie Dornom presents Do What You Love Not What You Hate posted at Lee McIntyre's Honest Marketing Blog.

Raymond presents File Sharing and Downloading Music - Fun and Free But Beware of The RIAA posted at Money Blue Book.

Brian Terry presents Are You A Copy Cat Website Designer? posted at Big Selling Website Design.

D. Singh presents Facebook Applications - The New Interactive Marketing Trend posted at Internet Marketing Blog, saying, "The industry for Facebook applications has exploded since the dramatic moment when Mark Zuckerburg first announced that he would make the programming that supported the popular social network available to programmers"

Online Security

Raymond presents Save Money With Someone Else's Wireless Internet posted at Money Blue Book.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of electronic commerce using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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