Thursday, July 17, 2008

My students' blogroll - 120 blogs

For this semester (May 2008), I have designed an assignment which required my students to produce blogs on topics related to e-commerce.

The main purpose of the blogging assignment is to introduce the blogging culture among my students and at the same time trying to see whether the application of the blogging assignment will helps them to enhance their understanding on learning the subject of E-Commerce.

Below is the list of the blogs created by my students. All together there are 120 blogs being created (99 from accounting majors and 21 from entrepreneurship majors).

Main blog:
My E-Commerce -

Accounting students’ blogroll: (99 blogs)

Group 1:
Scooby e-commerce -
Welcome -
E-commerce -
HappyDay -
E-Commerce Blog -
FanTaXy FouR -
E-project~ eCommerce blog -

Group 2:
ŠÞR†ÑĠ™© -
E-Commerce territory -
tEa break 4 E-juices -
Assignment Group -
E-Sp@ce -
Our E-commerce blog -
E-Commerce Blog -

Group 3:
Charming Group -
E-World 2008 -
E-commerce (2008) -
About me -
What Say You?!? -
E-commerce Blog -
e-commerce -
Our Assignment Y3S2 BACG3 -

Group 4:
3G Diary -
e-commerce -
KungFuPanda4 -
E-commerce Digest -

my e-commerce -
My E-Comz -

Group 5:
e-Divas -
E-commerce in da house -
secretgarden2008 - -
Our E-commerce -
Rhapsody -
Assignment T.T -

Group 6:
4 in Love -
It's all about e-commerce -
E-Commerce -
G6ecommerce -
Biz-Com -
E-Commerce Site -
My E-Commerce 2008 -

Group 7:
Aaa_long's eHouse -
eclyns -
E-Commerce -
E-Commerce -
@-commerce -
Take it Easy -
Creative E-Com -

Group 8:

~e-commerce dreamland~ -
girls alike -
e-techmo -
e-commerce FYY -
4Krewz -

Ding Dong ^-^ -
Beauties and The Beast -

Group 9:
Marvelous 3 -
E-commerce -
E-Commerce -
E-Info2u -
E-commerce blog -
E-Commerce -

Group 10:
E-Garden -
Mi Manchi -
E-Commerce blog -
Our E-Commerce Blog -
E-commerce Channel -
E-Commerce -
Eternal Summer for You -

Group 11:
Ninja^T11 -
Youths Today & Future... ^^ -
Our Thinks & Thoughts -
Learn more know more -
Dreamz eleven -
cheer in life -
OuR SaYinGs aNd OpIniOnS -

Group 12:
lu-hooyeoh -
2+1=3 -
Tantanandsid -
egnge -
E-caw -
Fantastic Four -
four little witches -
anonymous -

Group 13:
Fantastic World of E-Commerce -
Master E-Commerce -
Morning Charm -
E-Dumdum -
welcome to e-commerce blog -
apple2008-apple -
Smart Team -

Group 14:
E-Commerce Blog -
UBAI3013 E-Commerce -
Welcome to our E-commerce blog space -
E-Comm Crazy -
E-Commerce -
UBAI 3010 E-Commerce -
Welcome to our blog -

Entrepreneurship students’ blogroll: (21 blogs)

Group 1:
commercebloger -
E-Commerce June 2008 -
abcdE-commerce -
E-com -
e-commerce blog -

Group 2:
eblog -
e-commerce blog -
All about E-Commerce and Us -
e-commerce -
We R 4 in E-Commerce -

Group 3:
E-commster -
E-Com:Trance Boundaries -
This Is The Century -
E-commerce Space -
amazingcommerce -
E-Commerce World -

Group 4:
e-commerce -
e-commerce -
Nileey River -
3friendsblog -

Electronic Commerce - Blog Carnival (17th July 2008)

Welcome to the July 17, 2008 edition of electronic commerce. (Vol 2, No. 14, 2008)

Traffic2mypage presents » Using OPB to build your web traffic - Introduction posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "this is about how to increase web traffic to your site by using OBP... 'Other People's Blogs' to redirect traffic to your page.. a step by step guide and a 6 part series"

Fiona King presents 50 Fun Things You Can Do With Google Gears posted at Distance

James Lee
presents The Power of True Storytelling posted at Online Business Freedom.

Robert Phillips presents The Modern Fundamentals of Making Money posted at CYBERCA$HOLOGY.

Diego Norte presents Company Or J.O.B.? posted at Internet Business 101.

Neelakantha presents 100 Online Sources for Good, Free-As-In-Beer, Feature-Length Films posted at Internet Service Deals.

Sally Thompson presents 100 Free Online Alternatives to Popular Office Apps posted at Internet Service Deals.

Prashant Shukla presents Deposit Articles - Read the the best and latest articles on the web. posted at Sherry Frewerd, saying, "Deposit Articles is a powerful article directory. Specially developed and categorized for the web masters and online community to read latest articles on diversified topics and to provide them all sort of contents for their websites as easy and convenient as possible."

Neelakantha presents The Ultimate Guide to Internet Law: 100 Guides and Resources | OEDb posted at OEDb: Online Education Database.


Steven Lohrenz presents Bid High If You're On A Budget posted at Steven Lohrenz, saying, "Getting the best value out of AdWords"

Brian Terry presents Centralize, Systemetize then Monetize posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Matthew Paulson presents Illegal Interview Questions posted at American Entrepreneurship.

framemory presents Framemory Digital Photo Tumbler Launched posted at Framemory Digital Photo Frame News and Review.

Victoria Favaro presents If you ever need a HILARIOUS REVENGE idea? posted at Rebecca Dean, saying, "Marketing"

John W. Furst presents Squeeze Page: Straight or Reversed? posted at E-Biz Booster Blog, saying, "Is a reversed squeeze page better? Well, there is a way to find out and what is a reversed squeeze page anyway? (It's about getting more subscribers to your email list)"

Fred Black presents Toilet Paper Millionaire! posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

Raymond presents Best Locations To Blog With Free WiFi Internet Access posted at Money Blue Book.

Card Blogger presents The Best Credit Cards posted at Credit Card Blog.

Matthew Paulson presents What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Employee Evaluations posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger presents Social Media Intregration posted at Tactical Execution, saying, "There are 2 elements to successful e-commerce: traffic and conversion. This post explains how to maximize traffic by integrating social media platforms."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of electronic commerce using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

PayPal turns 10

PayPal, one of the famous p2p payment method, turns 10 since its inception in 1998. It was acquired by eBay in 2002.

China - one of the biggest potential e-commerce market

China, country with the largest population in the world posses a huge potential for e-commerce. A total of 570 million hours are being spent online by the users in China.

The evolution of E-Commerce

A video clip on the evolution of e-commerce especially on the online retailing.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free e-book on e-Auction from

A friend of mine, Jenny How, one of the household name in Malaysian e-auction scenario recently published her 1st e-book on e-Auction, Learn to Sell on eBay in 7 Days, targeting those who are new to the e-Auction.

Guess what - it is FREE.

It is a 46-pages long with interesting topics suitable for beginners to explore the eBay experience. Among the topics are:
  • Chapter 1 - Welcome to eBay and Tons of Income Opportunities!
  • Chapter 3 - 5 Quick Steps to Posting Your First eBay Auction
  • Chapter 4 - An eBay Seller’s Checklist
  • Chapter 6 - 10 Steps to Successful Selling on eBay
  • Chapter 11 - 10 Tips for Increasing Your eBay Response

The e-book also include 2 bonus topics which are Recommended Resource and the most useful 7-days ebay Profit Workbook.

To download the eBook for free, go to here.

Monday, July 07, 2008

New rules for cyber cafes soon

Malaysian government announced that there will be some new guidelines to be enforced soon on Internet and cyber cafes in order to control these businesses.

Among the new guidelines are:

  1. Have to close by midnight daily.
  2. Banned from using tinted glasses in their premises. (must be able to see through from the outside)
  3. Only allowed to operate from the ground floor.
  4. Those under 12 years old must be accompanied by parents or guardian and only allowed to stay up to 10.00pm.
  5. Prohibited from providing gaming activities, gambling, pornography, music and publications with negative element.
  6. Cigarettes and alcohol to be prohibited from being sold.
  7. A book log to record the entry and departure time of the patrons.

According to the Housing and Local Government Deputy Minister, these moves are aim to prevent the Internet and cyber cafes from turning into the possible source of social ills.

I just wonder how the cyber cafes are going to survive in the business.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lossing RM100,000 due to phishing

At least four persons suffered losses more than RM100,000 when they visited the wrong website, identical to the genuine bank's website. Without realising that the URL look almost identical too, they entered they user names and passwords.

All four are professionals, aged between 25 to 30 years old.

A 28-year-old woman, being suspected as a member of the phishing syndicate, was detained on June 13. She works as an IT consultant in Kuala Lumpur. Police believe that the syndicate has been operating since mid-May and is based in Nigeria.

For more info, read here.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No more 20 days interest free for partial payment

Starting from 1st July, 2008, credit card holders in Malaysia who pay only partial of their balance instead the full payment will no longer enjoy the 20-days interest free on new retail purchasing.

The move initiated by Bank Negara Malaysia aims to promote prudent spending and good financial discipline. Those who pays in full will be able to enjoy the 20-days interest free facilities.

At the same time, new interest rate tier also come into effect 1st July 2008, as to encourage more card holders to pay on time. More than 50% of the card holders are just paying the minimum or partial of their balance.

The move to do away with the 20-days interest free will in a way increase the finance (interest) rate for those who are paying the partial amount of their balance. Given the alarming development on the credit card debts, it may make the life of those already at the brink of bankruptcy become harder to service their balance. On the other hand, it helps to educate the public to spend wisely and manage their finance with higher discipline.

Electronic Commerce - Blog Carnival (2nd July 2008)

Welcome to the July 2, 2008 edition of electronic commerce. (Vol 2, No. 13, 2008)

Carl Ringwall presents Split Test Your AdWords posted at Data SystemsPlus.

Danogo presents Guide to Making Your Own Ringtones and Selling Downloads posted at - Dan-O's Music Blog, saying, "Use your music to make money with ringtones - there are more markets for your mp3s than just selling cds."

John W. Furst presents Take Action: Save The Internet - We Cannot Afford To Lose It posted at E-Biz Booster Blog, saying, "Your Internet based business might be in great danger. You must support net neutrality... Show that democracy works!"

Traffic2mypage presents Youtubing your Web Traffic posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "How to redirect traffic to your page by using youtube. This blog will teach you how to create a point of difference"

Social D presents Social Marketing Podcast #2: To Spam Or Not To Spam? posted at Social Networking Bookmark Domination, saying, "Learn to use social networking to increase website traffic"

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Captured By CAPTCHA posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Successful Business Networking posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Fiona King presents 100 Useful Niche Search Engines You?ve Never Heard Of posted at College@Home.

Sagar Satapathy presents 99 Apps to Help You Ditch Your Box and Go Internet Only posted at Internet Service Deals.

Fiona King presents Beyond Craigslist: 50 Other Sites to Buy, Rent, or Snag Goods (and Get Cool Free Stuff) posted at Free Geekery.

James Lee presents Massive Action… TO COMPLETION! posted at Online Business Freedom.

Robert Phillips presents Rules for Renegades posted at CYBERCA$HOLOGY.


Jose DeJesus MD presents Become a Successful Entrepreneur posted at Physician Entrepreneur.

Ed Rivis presents The 7 Biggest Web Money-making Secrets posted at Ed Rivis, saying, "The 7 biggest web money making secrets"

Carol Bentley presents 30.6% take up posted at Carol Bentley, saying, "30.6% take up"

Carl Ringwall presents When Evaluating Ad Copy, Only Listen To Buyers posted at Data SystemsPlus.

Diego Norte presents Your First Product posted at Internet Business 101.

Matthew Paulson presents Understanding the Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Traffic2mypage presents Have you heard about Blog Carnivals?? posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "A step by step informative guide on how to submit your blog posts to a blog carnival, increasing your backlinks and generating web traffic"

Matthew Boyd presents The EA Store: A tale of impotent nerd rage. posted at Kwanzoo, saying, "EA's direct download service leaves something to be desired."

Bozidar Spirovski presents Citibank PIN Heist - Sources of Security Breach posted at Information Security Short Takes.

Raymond presents 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond presents Work From Home With Paid Online Surveys posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond presents How To Make Money From Balance Transfer Credit Cards posted at Money Blue Book.

Online Auction

WM Media presents Hazards Associated With Flash, Javascript and Applets posted at Buy And Sell Websites, saying, "Aside from loading slowly over dial-up connections, there are a number of problems that can develop for webmasters that use flash and other scripts on their websites."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of electronic commerce using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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