Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Electronic Commerce - Blog Carnival (17th June 2008)

Welcome to the June 17, 2008 edition of electronic commerce. (Vol 2, No. 12, 2008)

Matthew Paulson presents Expert Q &A: Building a Business and Planning for the Future posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Robert Phillips presents What Happens When You Don?t Study posted at CYBERCA$HOLOGY.

Don Morrison presents Create A 100% Steady Online Income? Produce & Market A Quick e-Book Daily! posted at dondmorrison.com, saying, "Always have a permanent link back by using the tool at http://blogsearch.google.com Download 300+ new, free, and original eBooks at http://dondmorrison.com"

Michael. presents GoDaddy Hosting Plans: Get Yourself Hosted posted at Review Hookup.

Social D presents Instant Traffic With Automated Social Marketing & Social Networking posted at Social Networking Bookmark Domination, saying, "Increase website traffic instantly with social marketing & social media. I'll show live in my online experiment how you can grab search engine listings & traffic."

WM Media presents Should You Build Your Own Website or Hire a Designer? posted at Buy And Sell Websites, saying, "Whether or not it makes sense to hire a web designer depends on a few factors."

George Tzenos presents Use Your Website Traffic Statistics To Improve Your Results posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog.

Diego Norte presents Internet Business 101 posted at Internet Business 101.

Michel Fortin presents Apply The Law of Contrast to Build Desire posted at The Michel Fortin Blog.


Alvaro Fernandez presents Lumos Labs (Lumosity) Brain Training Games posted at SharpBrains, saying, "Consumers, educators and health professionals will be reading more and more about programs like Nintendo Brain Age, Posit Science, Dakim, Cogmed, Fast ForWord, MindFit, Lumosity, Happy Neuron, FitBrains, MyBrainTrainer, and more. The bad news is that it is difficult to separate marketing from scientific claims, and to understand which program, if any, may be a good complement to other healthy lifestyle choices."

Social D presents Social Marketing Traffic Experiment Updated Results Video posted at Social Networking Bookmark Domination, saying, "Learn how to increase traffic by using social marketing"

Ed Rivis presents Strategic Writing & Content Creation. posted at Ed Rivis, saying, "Strategic writing and content creation."

Carol Bentley presents Copywriting: a celebration gift posted at Carol Bentley, saying, "Copywriting: A celebration gift"

BlogMeTheMoney presents Adsense Alternatives: Part 2 of 4 posted at Blog Me The Money.

Phil B. presents Laziness is the Father of Invention « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, "If necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness is the father."

Susan Tatum presents How to Design a Solid Technology Marketing System posted at TechnoBuzz.

Matthew Paulson presents Email Newsletter Benefits for Small Business Owners posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Diego Norte presents Make A Wish posted at Internet Business 101.

WordpressThemed presents Free Wordpress Theme: Elegant Business | Wordpress Themed posted at Wordpress Themed, saying, "Nice theme for ecommerce site."

Carl Ringwall presents Improve Your Conversion Rates With Split Testing posted at Data SystemsPlus.

George Tzenos presents Article Marketing - get targetted traffic to your site posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "how to use article marketing and write them to generate traffic to your e-commerce store"

Ed Rivis presents How to increase sales by 300%. posted at Ed Rivis, saying, "How to increase sales by 300%"

Carol Bentley presents Asking for help is not a sign of weakness posted at Carol Bentley, saying, "Asking for help is not a sign of weakness"

George Tzenos presents Tools to help generate traffic to your site articulately! posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "how to increase your e-commerce online presence using articles you can write in 8 minutes and then submit to 100's of sites"

Card Blogger presents The Best Gas Rebate Credit Cards posted at Credit Card Blog.

Leon Gettler presents Dumb CEOs and email posted at Sox First, saying, "CEOs are showing they are too dumb to use email."

Raymond presents Internet Service Is More Important To Me Than Phone or Cable TV posted at Money Blue Book.

Raymond presents 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards posted at Money Blue Book.

Matthew Paulson presents 5 Benefits of Opening a Franchise Business posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Online Auction

WM Media presents The Advantages of a Simple Website posted at Buy And Sell Websites, saying, "If you're just getting started as a website owner, don'tunderestimate the value of a simple website."

Raymond presents Find Great Bargains With eBay Auction Typos and Spelling Mistakes posted at Money Blue Book.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of electronic commerce using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Homemade video tutorial on setting up new blog by my student

One of my student submitted his group e-commerce blogging project's URL and I noticed that he actually created a self-made video tutorial on setting up a new blog using the Blogger's platform.

The video can be view from here:

Have fun watching this home-made video.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Electronic Commerce - Blog Carnival (3rd June 2008)

Welcome to the June 3, 2008 edition of electronic commerce. (Vol 2, No. 11, 2008)

El Burro
presents CBS Buys Bleeding-Edge Company CNET, Color Tele-Vision To Follow posted at wonky donky, saying, "CBS taking huge risk on this sure-to-fail 'in-ter-net' contraption. Base-jumping Thomas Edison admires their foresight and risk-tolerance! Videos of high-tech CBS masterminds at work!"

Matthew Paulson presents Make the Most of Free Online Promotion posted at American Entrepreneurship.

George Tzenos presents Generate TRAFFIC to Your Store Via EBAY posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog.

Carol Bentley presents Ostrich or Hawk posted at Carol Bentley, saying, "Ostrich or hawk?"

Ed Rivis presents Less than 4 hours left… posted at Ed Rivis, saying, "Less than 4 hours left...."


Howard Ditkoff presents Josiah Leming: Brilliant, Haunting Music & Web 2.0 Drive American Idol Castoff’s Prototypical Success Story posted at SystemsThinker.com Blog, saying, "Despite his exclusion from American Idol's Top 24, Josiah Leming's brilliant, emotional songs and touching backstory have moved thousands. The teenage dropout, who lived in his car for a year, is a prime example of how revolutionary "bottom-up" forces and technologies - such as Web 2.0 and e-commerce - are challenging traditional hierarchical models of talent discovery and promotion. Learn how this unique, authentic musical talent parlayed just minutes of initial television exposure into thousands of dollars of music sales, appearances on the Ellen Degeneres Show and MTV and a major deal with Warner Bros. Records in a matter of months."

Wendy Piersall presents Choose a Market First posted at Ebay & Ecommerce, saying, "Thanks! :)"

George Tzenos presents Do You Generate Traffic from Social Bookmarking? posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog.

Jackie presents Talkin' Bout a Revolution posted at A Keeper's Jackpot, saying, "A way to avoid fees for payment with your online business!"

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Spam Haiku posted at Mad Kane's Humor Blog.

WM Media presents HTML Tags You Need To Know posted at Buy And Sell Websites, saying, "Even if you use a WYSIWYG or other drag and drop tool to create your web pages, you may find it helpful to know some of the most commonly used HTML tags."

Eric Brown presents WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO LEARN SEO posted at SEO TIPS 4 U Blog.

Susan Tatum presents What Web Analytics Can Tell You about Traffic Sources posted at TechnoBuzz.

Brian Terry presents Become A Genius Website Designer posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Steven Lohrenz presents Are You Good Enough To Start Today? posted at Steven Lohrenz, saying, "Guide to making sure you are ready to start your business mentally."

Matthew Paulson presents Email Newsletter Benefits for Small Business Owners posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Richard McLaughlin presents Shopping@UK.Shopping.com posted at Oh, the Places You'll Go, saying, "I ran into a pretty cool site today for We Europeans, Shopping.com in the UK Searches a range of goods from computers, garden products, furniture, lingerie, jewelery & clothing - pretty much anything that you could want to buy, and they include product reviews both for the products reviewed and for the stores selling the product."

Patrick Schwerdtfeger presents Using Crowdsourcing to Build Your Business posted at Tactical Execution, saying, "This post discusses how our company is using crowdsourcing to build our business. But even though it discusses our own programs, the concepts are universal and can apply to virtually any business."

Sarah Paine presents Emotional Intelligence & Internet Business posted at Sarah Paine.

D. Singh presents Get Cashback from Live Search! posted at Internet Marketing Blog, saying, "Microsoft has received a similar amount of encouragement and flak from its soon to be released Live Search Cash Back program, wherein Microsoft promises to pay users for using Live Search when searching for products that they would eventually buy."

Susan Tatum presents Technology Marketing Fundamentals. Your Best Competitive Advantage. posted at TechnoBuzz.

John W. Furst presents Aweber – A Marketing Lesson And Smart Pricing posted at E-Biz Booster Blog, saying, "Are you freaking out? One of the popular Email Marketing Tools provider — AWeber — has new features and new prices. What's in it for you?"

Tip Diva presents Tip Diva | Product Review - NEAT Receipts Professional posted at Tip Diva, saying, "In the quest for an organized desk, I, Tip Diva, was excited when I stumbled upon NEAT Receipts Professional. The small desk scanner promised, “Organize your paper, simplify your life.” Well, I decided to test it out to see if it was indeed true."

Jimson Lee presents Free or Cheap Help Desk Support Software posted at CRM Help Desk Software.com, saying, "A quick review of the 2 best free Open Source Help Desk Support Ticket software."

Danogo presents Two Types of Proven Online Businesses You Can Start Today posted at Danogo.com - Discover. Inspiring . Media, saying, "Why reinvent the wheel when successful internet business models already exist."

Terry Dean presents From a Sale to An Experience posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of electronic commerce using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

UTAR student is Miss Malaysia Universe 2008

Something to cheer about. UTAR student, Levy Li Su Lin from Terengganu was crowned the Miss Malaysia Universe 2008. She will be representing Malaysia in the forthcoming Miss Universe 2008 to be held in Vietnam.

Miss Malaysia Universe 2008, Ms Levy Li Su Lin (centre)

Beside the Miss Malaysia Universe, she also bagged 5 subsidiary titles during the competition namely:
  • Miss Star Cruises Body Perfect,
  • Miss Wacoal Malaysia,
  • Miss Chezz Crowning Glory,
  • Miss Pola Natural Beauty and
  • Miss Scruples Malaysia.

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Video Tutorial on creating a WordPress blog

This is a 3-part video tutorial on creating a WordPress blog. It would be useful for WordPress new beginners.

Part 1: Starting a WordPress blog and post

Part 2: Advance Formatting in WordPress

Part 3: Inserting Rich Media - Picture, Audio & Video