Monday, July 07, 2008

New rules for cyber cafes soon

Malaysian government announced that there will be some new guidelines to be enforced soon on Internet and cyber cafes in order to control these businesses.

Among the new guidelines are:

  1. Have to close by midnight daily.
  2. Banned from using tinted glasses in their premises. (must be able to see through from the outside)
  3. Only allowed to operate from the ground floor.
  4. Those under 12 years old must be accompanied by parents or guardian and only allowed to stay up to 10.00pm.
  5. Prohibited from providing gaming activities, gambling, pornography, music and publications with negative element.
  6. Cigarettes and alcohol to be prohibited from being sold.
  7. A book log to record the entry and departure time of the patrons.

According to the Housing and Local Government Deputy Minister, these moves are aim to prevent the Internet and cyber cafes from turning into the possible source of social ills.

I just wonder how the cyber cafes are going to survive in the business.


Yen said...

Well i wonder how far they(CC) are complying to it...

Anonymous said...

hmm, i think there still some of the Cyber Cafe will survive. There are nothing to afraid of because there are one way to settle this problem!