Friday, March 21, 2008

Emirates allow mobile phone calls during flights

Emirates, a Dubai-based airline, became the 1st airline which allow its customers to make calls from their mobile phone during flight. The 1st permitted mobile calls were made during the Dubai-Casablanca flight recently in the Airbus A340.

A system which stop the mobiles from interfering with the plane's electronic was installed on the plane.

The new system will be implemented to other aircrafts in the future with more services and for devices such blackberry. The mobile service is activated when the airplane is on cruising altitude and the usage is monitored and controlled by the crew.

Read more here. (BBC NEws)


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Johnny Ong said...

imagine the other passengers who didnt know abt the relaxation of mobile usage. i think those passengers will scold that 1 particular fella who started to use his mobile (since he knew he cld but too bad others dont know yet)