Thursday, February 14, 2008

IT services for businesses

During the recent festive dinner with my old pals, Peter who has migrated to Boston mid last year told me that he is going to set up his own company soon. He asked me whether I can advise him on some matters related to the IT set-up for his company. Actually he did asked me whether I’m interested to join him in Boston as his IT staff, which I politely rejected his offer since I’m quite comfortable with my current environment here.

However, I did recommend him to seek out help form the IT outsourcing experts which may be beneficial for his company in long run. Boston IT Consulting would be a perfect choice since it enables the company to focus on its core business and operation rather than worrying about the IT supports and requirements.

The highly customized Boston IT Services would provide comprehensive IT assessment on IT infrastructure audit, project planning and budget review. Besides, it also provides one-stop hardware and software procurement, IT systems and technology integration, and security management such as business continuity and patch management which are crucial for a company’s operation. In term of the IT process improvement and cost cutting initiatives, Boston IT would have the expertise and knowledge to help Peter to develop its strategic IT development and applications in his company in long run.

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