Thursday, February 14, 2008

This is my workstation

I have been getting a lot of books from publishers from the past few years and it is almost taken out most of my table's space. After coming back from the Chinese New Year holiday, I decided to tidy up the table and now it look neat and clean. No more twin towers of books but two-tiers of books now.

Before: Taken a day earlier using my Nokia 6610i

See how messy it was.

After: These pictures were taken using my colleague's new Nokia N95 (5 megapixel). See the differences in term of the image quality.

The monitor screen is showing my blog page. So this is my workstation! (which occasionally is my blogstation too).


vickie said...

emr.. let me guess which college place are you working right now :P

Kai Wah said...

emr... its not a college...hahaha. So?

mekurukito said...

wow the "after" photos- looks very organized and neat! so many books though! do you actually read all of them or something?

Kai Wah said...

I read most of them when I need to look for materials for my lectures. Definitely I have a few core books which I use very frequently. There are also some which I only read a few pages only so far.

LcF said...

wow... alot of books... are you using 15" monitor?

Neo said...

Hoho, nice workstation. Of course 5 mega pixels much clearer.