Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My New Blog Template

My recent change of blog template lasted for only 3 and a half months. Why then I change the template again?

From this - My previous blog template

Well, there was some technical glitches caused by the blog template that I used. The domain where the author store the blog template associated images has exceed the bandwidth. Thus it caused some weird images appeared on my blog affecting the visibility on some of the contents.

To this - This was ugly, right?

Hey, this is not my fault.

As this is beyond of my technical capabilities, I decided to surf the Internet to look for another new blog template and I found one that I would like to try. Spending almost one afternoon to upload the new blog template as well as reorganise the widgets and layout. The end result is.....

The new look

There are still some minor technical issues on formating and widgets which need to be solved such as the Haloscan comment widget, the alignment of the columns (Firefox vs. IE) and etc.

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James Mann said...

I like the look of your new template but it seems to take a long time to load the page.

Even when I clicked to move from the main page to this post it took the same length of time to load. Not sure what is holding it up but it's likely a widget.

Anonymous said...

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mekurukito said...

dont you just hate it when your images exceed the bandwidth? grr..haha. anyway nice layout :) wish i could change mine to something else but dun really know how..