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Electronic Commerce - Blog Carnival (4th February 2008)

Welcome to the February 4, 2008 edition of electronic commerce. (Vol 2, No. 3, 2008)

The Dough Roller presents Quicken Online + The iPhone = Yuck! (with iPhone screenshots) posted at The Dough Roller, saying, "A review of Quicken Online for the iPhone (with screenshots)"

Steven Lohrenz presents Online Business ABCs Intern Program posted at Steven Lohrenz.

Ed Rivis presents How to optimise a homepage. posted at Ed Rivis.

Robert Phillips presents What Types of DVD Products Sell Best? posted at How to Create a DVD without Spending a Dime.

Charles Eglinton presents AuctionIncome.com - eBay Bidding Tips & Selling Tips posted at AuctionIncome.com - eBay Bidding Tips & Selling Tips.

Ian Richardson presents What do Spaghetti Westerns and Internet Marketing have in common? posted at Make Everything EzyAs123.

Joshua C. Karlin presents The Single Most Important Thing Your Business (or Charity) Needs posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Kenton Newby presents 10 Ways Article Writing Can Stack the Deck in Your Favor posted at KentonNewby.com.

Richard Lee presents Internet Business Ideas posted at Richard Lee.

Ed Rivis presents Powerful Marketing Tactic. posted at Ed Rivis.

Thomas D. Brownsword presents Where I Am, Where I Am Going, And How I Will Get There posted at Business Action Steps.


Stephen Dean presents Deciphering Cosmopolitan Magazines posted at Stephen Dean's Copywriting And Internet Advertising Blog - Copywriter.

Chas Masterson presents Themed Links Are Important - Busting the MythBusters posted at Chuck Masterson.

Cindy King presents International Success With Languages posted at Get International Clients.

Sarah Paine presents Make Money With Blogging - 5 Tips posted at Sarah Paine.

Sarah Paine presents Compose Your First Book with Articles posted at Sarah Paine.

Sarah Paine's
Making The Most Out Of An Article posted at Sarah Paine.


trachtman2 presents E-Commerce Guide: How To Choose the Right Affiliate Programs posted at The Net Impact Roadmap.

Kingsley Tagbo presents How To Take Your Business Analyst Career To The Next Level posted at HOW TO LEARN COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FAST OR GET A JOB EASILY.

James D. Brausch presents Your Natural Genius posted at Internet Business Blog.

Carol Bentley presents What do you think. . . print or PDF posted at Carol Bentley.

John W. Furst presents A Relationship Needs Support posted at E-Biz Booster Blog, saying, "A real Internet business goes beyond being an affiliate marketer. Many marketers are afraid of having customers, but it's not too hard to build great relationships with your clients, if you are committed. There is nothing to be afraid of."

Richard Lee presents I've Made A Big Mistake posted at Richard Lee.

Ed Rivis presents Tracking online response to print campaigns, part 2. posted at Ed Rivis.

Tim Gary presents Are Your Customers Just Fresh Meat? posted at Internet Success Bites.

Elsom Eldridge presents The Obvious Expert posted at International Guild of Professional Consultants and Coaches.

Andrew Erickson presents Yahoo Stores down on Cyber Monday?, but not mine! posted at WebSite Werx.

Joshua C. Karlin presents Reason Why Sales & Marketing - The Power of Because? posted at Marketing & Fundraising Ideas.

Matthew Paulson presents Zimbra 5.0 - Better than Outlook & Thunderbird For Your Small Business posted at DataSync Business News.

Stephen Dean presents Stop Assuming So Much posted at Stephen Dean's Copywriting And Internet Advertising Blog - Copywriter.

Andrew Erickson presents Are you making this PPC mistake? posted at WebSite Werx.

Rebecca Suzanne Dean presents ?What Is It Makes Some Letters Pay?? posted at Rebecca Dean, saying, "How to write a great sales letter"

JRickG presents You Are No Different than Successful People posted at $5000 and Up.

Alex M presents Ecommerce Business License: Legalizing Small Business posted at We talk on making money on the Internet.

WebSiteWerx presents Email Marketing for Ecommerce - Part I: What Is It? Why Do It? posted at WebSite Werx, saying, "Email marketing for ecommerce. What it is and why you should be doing it."


Jim Sansi presents You Had It Coming posted at The Kaizen Business.

Jim Sansi presents Internet Business Redundancy posted at The Kaizen Business.

Thomas D. Brownsword presents I Received A Reply From James posted at Business Action Steps.

Baz Old presents JQuery, Prototype, and MooTools Benchmark - SlickSpeed posted at Web Development 2.0: Web Design, CakePHP, Web 2.0.

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icebreaker said...

Interesting. Thanks for the information.

John W. Furst said...

Thanks, and I will add this edition to my Tit For Tat Fake Carnival for February 2008. --John