Thursday, October 18, 2007

Portable DVD Player

What would you do when you are traveling in a 4 hours journey for your year-end vacation? For me I would prefer to catch up with some movies which I had missed out due to the busy work schedule. Hey, wait a minute. There is no TV set in the car. The last thing that I may want to bring along is a heavy gadget.

With a portable DVD player, this problem can be solved easily. The sleek 10.4 inches player with an ultra slim design of 30 mm thick is an ideal gadget for outdoor viewing of my favourite movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Die Hard 4 and a lot more. This device is capable of running continuously for 4 hours of playtime. If the battery run out, it can be recharged by just plugging into the car's cigarette lighter directly.

Whenever I'm hitting the road, whether by car, bus or train, this sleek device will be a good companion of mine.

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