Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to lose your ID easily to fraudsters at home?

These are what researchers in England found out from the rubbish bins:
  • discarded banks details
  • national insurance numbers
  • mortgage documents
  • copies of passports
  • credit card numbers with expiry dates and signatures
  • blank cheque
  • unopened letter
Did you throw any of these into the rubbish bin? Be careful as this will enable fraudsters to steal your identity.

A date of birth, mother's maiden name, password or even an unopened letter can as valuable as cash to experience fraudsters. Criminals use the stolen personal information to open bank accounts, buy goods or apply illegally for credit cards or mobile phones.

So next time before you throw away any document, make sure all the information were properly destroyed or just avoid throwing away documents that contain the personal details.

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