Monday, July 23, 2007

Why I signed up for PPP?

What is PPP? It is payperpost. What is so special about payperpost then?

This question has been constantly appearing in my mind some time ago since the moment I noticed this image “This post sponsored by PayPerPost” when I browsed and read some of the entries on my friend’s blogs. One day, a strong sense of curiosity had triggered me to find out what is this payperpost. I explored the payperpost website and it opened up a new learning process for me. Not only that, it actually opened up a new opportunity to earn some extra revenues.

I discovered that it is a place where, by using my blog, I can put up some writings and reviews on some of the services, products, websites posted in the PayPerPost advertisers and getting paid in return. There are a variety of topics to choose from and each topic offers different price. Sound interesting to me. So I decided to sign up and now I’m a PPP member. I can also proudly display the tag “This post sponsored by PayPerPost” now.

What I like the most about the PPP is the availability of vast amount of opportunities for blogger or postie. Besides, I can also make new friends from the PPP community, learning some new tips and tricks from them too.

With the money earned from payperpost, I believe it would be handy to use it to purchase some books from plus other online purchases too.

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