Tuesday, July 24, 2007

40 gigabits per second of Internet connection

Don't envy this.

75 years old Sigbritt Lothberg is accessing the Internet at her home with the 40 gigabits-per-seconds fiber optic Internet connection, believed to be the fastest residential uplink in the world.

Location: Karlstad, Sweden.

How fast is it? A full-length movie like Transformers, Die Hard 4, and etc., can be downloaded just in 2 seconds. That's really superfast!

Designers: Hafsteinn Johnsson, Karlstad city network unit chief and Peter Lothberg, Sigbritt's son, also a networking expert.

Technology: New modulation techniques that allow sending of data between 2 routers placed up to 1240 miles apart with transponders in between.

Application: Sigbritt is using it to read the online newspaper rather than downloading movie as she is a new learner on Internet.

Source: CNN Tech News, 20 July 2007 - Old lady surfing Web at 40 gigabits-per-second

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