Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Piracy in Malaysia: Fighting through Education and Enforcement!

How to reduce the 60% of the software piracy in Malaysia to the world average of 35%? The Malaysian government has recognised a two-way approach - Enforcement (Ops Tulen) and Education (Sikap Tulen).

* Tulen means Original in Malay Language. Ops Tulen is the coding for Operation against the pirated software while Sikap Tulen is the campaign to instill the correct attitude in adopting the orginal software.

Enforcement (Ops Tulen):
Continuous raiding companies that use illegal software as well the illegal vendors selling the pirated software. A total of RM12.63 million worth of pirated hardware and software has been seized since 2002. A lot of the IT malls in Malaysia has been raided for the past few months.

Education (Sikap Tulen):
To educate the relevant groups on the importance of respecting Intellectual Property and stay away from pirated software. Those targeted groups are professionals, companies, public and IT malls.

Source: The Star InTech, 25th July 2007

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