Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My E-commerce Review (1)

Listed are some reviews done by my friends and readers on My E-Commerce blog. Some of the comments and reviews are very useful in helping me to improve my blog design, layout and content.

In return of their kind gestures, I also wrote reviews for their blogs too. Thanks.

1. Simons's Money Notes - My E-commerce (Review)
2. iCalvyn.com - Reviewback (Season 3)
3. BlogChung - E-Commerce Blog in Malaysia

Simon and Calvyn exchanged the review with me through the ReviewBack.

I always welcome my readers and friends to write reviews on My E-commerce. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated! You are also free to link to any articles I've written as part of the review.

How to do My E-Commerce review? Click here for more information.

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