Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sarawak handicraft to go for e-commerce

Sarawak government is urging the local handicraft industry players to venture into the online business. E-commerce will be able to market their handicraft products on a global market and at the same time helps to make Sarawak’s handicraft industry more competitive.

As a start, industry players are encouraged to utilize the one-stop e-handicraft mall set up by Sarawak Craft Council. The website, www.right.sarawak.gov.my/Rightmart, will be place for the handicraft industry players to showcase their products and designs online.

Currently, the website offer a small collection of best branded products such as indigenous beads, pua kumbu and songket textiles, rattan baskets and woodcarving objects.

Personal opinion:
This is indeed a very good move especially for small and traditional home-based handicraft makers. The setting up of the e-handicraft mall will help them to expand their market and sales. However, the URL seems to be a bit long. I would rather go for a shorter URL such as www.e-handicraft.com.my, www.sarawak-handicraft.com, or anything that is shorter and easy to remember.

Next project – e-wau bulan, e-wayang kulit, www.pangkor.com – a one stop online center for Pulau Pangkor’s local products such as dried prawn meat and other sea-based products.

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