Wednesday, June 20, 2007

YouTube launched 9 local version sites

YouTube launched 7 new sites in 7 countries namely Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Poland and Nertheland. Besides, 2 more English sites were added for Ireland and UK. This is part of its localisation strategies.

The nine new sites are:
Brazil -
French -
Ireland -
Italian -
Japanese -
Dutch -
Polish -
Spanish -
UK -

Coming soon, Germany. May be in the very near future there will be Bollywood from India plus Mandarin sites for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Not forgeting the Korea site too.

At the same time, Google has bought over Zenter, a small company that makes software for creating online slide show. Official announcement is available at the Google blog. Another presentation-creation service, Tonic Systems was also acquired by Google recently. These moves are meant to strengthen Google's Doc and Spreadsheets applications.

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