Thursday, June 21, 2007

Google adds 2 more new referral links

Google has added 2 more new products referrals for its publishers namely Google Apps (Communication and collaboration tools for businesses and organisations including Gmail and more) and Google Checkout (A faster, safer way to shop online).

Major applications for Google Apps includes Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Docs & Spreadsheets. If a customer signed up for Google Apps through your referral and use the account for more than 4 consecutive weeks, then you will be credited USD$5.00. Read the Google Apps explanation from the Google website. Tour and demos are also available here.

Google Checkout provide a fast, safe and convenient for online shopping. Basically using Google Search to find the merchants, with a single log-in, customers can buy from many stores that offer this services. (An article from Google Checkout blog - Find it with Google, Buy it with Google Checkout). The referral will receive USD $1.00 if the signed up customer completes a transaction of at least $10 within 90 days. (New buyers purchase). A short video tour of Google Checkout can be accessed here.

A sample of the Google Apps and Google Checkout banners can be seen at the sidebar.

Personal Notes:
Frankly, the design of the banners seem a bit plain and lack of colourful images. There only a few choices of banners being available for the time being.

These CPA (cost per acquisition/action) models may seem attractive
but in my opinion, I'm more concern with the conversion rate. I'm afraid that it will be slow and tough time getting for the conversion to take place. How many of the customers are using Google Checkout to purchase things from the merchants? Just wait and see how its progress. Anyhow, its fun to know that there are new referral options provided by Google.

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