Monday, June 18, 2007 - Online restaurant reservations

Over 7000 high-end restaurants, mostly in New York and San Francisco now use - a dominant services offered for restaurants to manage reservation and improve customer services, an innovative e-commerce business model.

With, reservation become very convenience for customers as it can be conducted outside the business hours, beside being free. It also provide one-click cancellation. Customers are also able to leave some important message to the restaurants in his or her reservation.

This e-commerce business model services started in 1999 but it didn't have a smooth endeavour. At first, the idea of paying a dollar for a diner is being thrown away by the restaurants. It took three years for them to seat its one-millionth diner. Now, it seat two-million diners each month.

Any idea on how this e-commerce business model can be implemented in Malaysia especially for high-end restaurants in Kuala Lumpur?

Source: The New York Times

Read this article from NewYork Times, Technology - Restaurants Reservations Go Online


JennyHow said...

that is a very good concept, wish we have one of those sites in msia and hope the service can be as good.

Kai Wah said...

This is indeed a very innovative e-commerce business model.

I also wish a similar model can be applied in Malaysia too. I may ask my students to think about this in their assignment, haha.