Saturday, June 16, 2007

JohnChow dot com - Blogging Mogul

From an entrepreneur to a blogger and now being the blogging mogul - This is John Chow with his making money online tips and sharing.

From a novice blogger who came across this blog by accident (I can't really remember exactly how I get to his blog) to reading his blog is becoming a daily ritual - This is me.

His blog, beside tonnes of money making tips, also contained lots of latest IT and applications reviews, foods and a little bit of traveling. Just like attending some daily 10 minutes tutorial lessons where there is new knowledge being taught in his almost daily updates.

Not only that, you can also learn a few hands-on applications in your blogging endeavour. This is what I am experiencing now. I tried a few of the tips and it did work in some way especially on being focus on the niche topics, consistency in blogging and replying comments by other readers. Recently he created an e-book entitled Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com, sharing his personal experiences on his money making endeavour. You can download it to become your study guide.

John Chow dot com not just an ordinary blog that helps you make money, it also enriching your blogging experiences. For me, blogging is now a fun thing to do. Sharing backlinks with its readers is indeed a brilliant idea. When you review his blog, he’ll link to it and you can expect a lot of traffic coming to your blog.

More traffic means you can share your ideas and thoughts with more people. In this way, your blog can serve its purpose and value.

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