Saturday, June 16, 2007

London - Leading WiFi Financial City

Among the top three financial cities, London is ranked ahead of New York and Paris as the leader of top WiFi city.

It experienced growth of 160% for the last 12 months in term of the number of wireless access points. There are a total of 7130 access points in London, 6371 in New York and 827 in Paris.

In London, 94% ot the wireless access points are for businesses and 6% for public. New York would have 85% for businesses and 15% for public. Paris is 89% businesses and 11% public. Majority of the wireless access points were using advanced form of encryption.

For a more detailed reading, click here - London leads in city WiFi race. The survey's reports are available at the RSA Security website.

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YingLing said...

I'm curious as to the rank of Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia in the list of WiFi cities. How far are we in implementing WAP? Are there any surveys done regarding these wireless access points around Kuala Lumpur area?

Kai Wah said...

So far, I haven't come across with such report. If I have in the future, I will put it up in this blog.