Friday, March 16, 2007

Buying clothes online that fit your measurement

Have you ever buy clothes online? If yes, do you manage to get the measurement accurately?

According to the Forrester Research, the Internet consulting firm, a total of US$ 9.6 billion worth of apparel was transacted over the Internet in 2006. However, none of the buyers tried the apparel on first before buying it. This resulted in almost 30% return on the apparel bought online due to incorrect measurement.

Screencapture of

now, you can try - a website where users can provide their basic body dimension and style preferences. Through this e-commerce business model, shoppers are able to purchase personalised clothing collection matched to they style and fit preferences and body dimensions. This helps to reduce the rate of return experienced by the online shoppers.

May be the guys with the big tummy can try this site too in order to get the right size of the preferred apparel.

Current, it does not provide any international shipping. I believe this e-commerce business model will be available soon for worldwide customers.

The NewYork Times has an interesting story on this. Click here to read.

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