Friday, March 16, 2007

Online Funeral Broadcasting - LIVE

With this novel idea and innovative e-commerce business model, friends and relatives from all over the world can now attend funeral services live from their location by watching live broadcasting of funeral services. Not believing it? Here the proof:

Screencapture from S. Clarke & Son Funeral Directors, UK.

S Clarke and Son Funeral Directors is undertaking this project for FREE in UK. The move allows mourners from across the world to watch the funeral service of friends and loved ones.

This e-commerce business model is suitable for:
  • those who cannot to fly back to attend the funeral,
  • too sick to fly back or travel,
  • busy people who can't get the time off work

How its work:
  • Networks of cameras and microphones were installed at the funeral homes in Bangor and Newtownards, UK.
  • Password will be issued to the family members and friends to login to maintain privacy.

Read here for more information. (BBC News)

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