Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blogging Resume

After a break from blogging (mainly because of the final exam marking), I'm now back on blogging.

New semester just started on Monday. Since it is a relatively short semester with a 7 weeks of lectures and tutorials sessions, the current teaching team did not continue with the previous semester's assignment where students were required to create blogs.

For this semester, the assignment is on evaluating a transaction e-commerce website in Malaysia. Beside this, students are also assessed through mid-term test and a group presentation. Presentation topics range from Internet security, mobile payment systems, digital divide, wireless revolution, e-government to corporate blogging.

The are ample of information being available in this blog on topics mentioned. Feel free to browse and search the information through:
1. Search engine (at the top right side of the page)
2. Related Label (at the 2nd column)
3. Related post.
4. Posts at some of the students blogs.

Enjoy the new semester!

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