Thursday, August 23, 2007

Corporate Blogging: New Marketing Communication Tool

In recent years, the blogging environment is no longer exclusively restricted for individual or personal. Corporate has been actively pursuing a more business-like blogs for their marketing as well as organizational purposes.

As at June 17, 2007, there are currently 132 organisations has their corporate blogs. Among the big names include Accenture, Boeing, General Motors, Google, HP, Sun Microsystems and a lot more. A complete list can be obtained from The NewPR/Wiki. 40 (8%) of the Fortune 500 are blogging.

Corporate weblogs are used to reach its organisational goals. There are 2 major categories of corporate blogs namely internal blogs and external blogs.

Internal blogs – accessed through the corporation’s intranet, is a weblog that any employee can view. The informal nature of the blogs may encourage employee participation, free discussion of issues, collective intelligence, direct communication between various layers of an organization and a sense of community. It is mainly used as a tool for collaboration and knowledge management.

External blogs – publicly available weblog where company employees, teams, or spokepersons share their views. Main purposes include new product announcement, policies clarifications as well as being an informal press release of the organisation’s activities. The informality and increased timeliness of information posted to blogs assists with increasing transparency and accessibility in the corporate image.

Sun Microsystems Inc CEO, Jonathan Schwartz was one of the pioneers from Fortune 500 CEOs to start blogging and currently his blogging enthusiasm is being shared by 3,500 of his employees who have their own blogs. Jonathan’s blog helps to improve communication and attracting new customers. He also blog about life as a CEO and discuss new products online. His blog attracts approximately 60,000 readers on a good day.

These are a few useful resources on corporate blogging available from the Internet:
1. The CorporateBlogging.Info
2. The Corporate Blogging Book on Squidoo
3. Best practices on corporate blogging from Singapore Entrepreneurs

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