Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PayPal: My 1st payment received

I had registered a PayPal account for sometime but somehow I do not really use it for any kind of transaction until recently. Last week I received my 1st payment through PayPal from PayPerPost on a post that I wrote a month ago on this blog. 20 dollars for a short post is really a good deal.

1st I received an email notification from PayPerPost on the payment. Then I logged in to my PayPal account and there was an unclaimed payment.

Now I have the choice to accept and deny the payment. Of course I clicked on the accept button, haha.

And the rest of the steps were easily completed. So, the next question is how am I going to use the money? Well, I have contributed a portion of the received income to LiewCF's Birthday ChipIn Celebration Fund. Erm.....may be I also can set up something similar as my birthday is coming soon, hehehe. Well, I plan to get few more dollars enough for me to buy some books from Amazon.com.

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