Monday, July 09, 2007

Digital music sales increase 50%

For the 1st half of this year, the sales of the digital music increase almost 50% to USD$ 417.3 million as compared to the same period of last year.

However, the sales of the pysical album has decreased 15%.

The shifting trend for digital music has been going on for the past few years in accordance to the individual preferences on selected music hits or singles instead of the music album as a whole. Besides, various e-tailers are providing online music sales like selling the DRM-free songs which may encourage users to go for digital music. The introduction of the new devices like iPod also contributed to this trend.

Source: TheNewYorkTimes Business - Digital Purchases Rise as Album Sales Fall

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chunyan said...

Ohh! That is good news for me. The sales of the digital music is increasing about 50%,that means, the digital music is getting more and more popular.
I think it is reasonable why digital music will get more famous. First, the digital music can be easily downloaded from the websites with free. Moreover, people can also choose the song him or her like and download it. By using a pen drive or external hardware, people may save the music as many as he like as compare to the physical album. it just need a small place to keep it but for the physical album, it need a much more place to store it. People can also save the music into MP3/MP4 player or iPod and listen to the favorable music no matter what location, what time he is. Besides that, by searching the digital music which is available in websites, people are easy to get his lovely song as compared with the physical album in the market.
I think this trend will be continuing because the digital music is much more benefits to the people...