Thursday, July 05, 2007

The CCTV state - Selangor plans to install 200 CCTV

The Selangor state government is planning to install 200 CCTV around Klang Valley starting from early next year.

To monitor criminal activities, illegal dumpling and haphazard parking.

Crime-prone area.

Leasing of CCTVs and equipments will cost RM3 million a year.

Source: TheStarInTech, 5th July 2007.

The interesting question is - Is it necessary to do so?
I watched a documentary on the Discovery channel some time ago which highlighted London being a city filled with CCTVs and cameras. May be Selangor, self-proclaimed as the most developed state in Malaysia, would like to emulate London. Basically there are pros and cons and in this case, hopefully the pros will outweight the cons.

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