Saturday, July 21, 2007

Introducing Blogsvertise - a place where you can help the advertisers to create a buzz for their products and services through your write-ups and reviews at your own blog. At the same time you can earn some pocket money too.

The business model offered by Blogsvertise is similar to the other paid posts services such as Pay-per-Post, Sponsored Reviews, ReviewMe and Bloggerwave, where bloggers need to write and review in return for some payments. For these kind of business model, the most important thing is the availability of critical mass or vast amount of opportunities provided by the advertisers for bloggers to post their review on their products or services. It is hope that Blogsvertise will be able to provide such opportunities for the bloggers.

Upon visiting the website, clear steps, rules and FAQ were provided to help the potential bloggers and advertisers to understand the ways how Blogsvertise operate. The layout is simple and easy for the surfers to navigate.

How does this simple plan of Blogsvertise works? You just need to follow these 3 simple steps:
Step 1: Get registered and you will be assigned with tasks.
Step 2. Write a review or sharing of your personal opinions and experiences related to the topics, products or services. Of course, don't forget to put up at least 3 links of the website in your post.
Step 3. You will get paid in your PayPal after the post is approved.

As simple as that! Of course, you need to patient as the payout period is quite long - 30 days after your post has been approved.

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