Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Broadband Internet Services: CEOs give the thumb down!

These are some findings from the TEC-MIER Confident Index Survey (conducted by Executives Working Together (TEC) Asia and the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research) which was participated by 170 CEOs in Malaysia.
  • 70% - Broadband Internet access slow
  • 64% - Service providers are generally inefficient
  • 56% - Inadequate broadband coverage
  • 35% - Need to have a better-defined government policy on broadband services.

Source: TheStar InTech, 17th April 2007

Personal Opinion:
My personal experience on the broadband Internet access is not so encouraging. The line was down frequently, slow and sometimes unable to log in as well. I believe the broadband services licences should be expanded to a few more companies to avoid monopoly by the current services providers which in turn will provide the required competition for better and cheaper services. I am really looking forward for the WIMAX services which is due to be launched in the coming few years.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the monopoly policy, make the broadband service doesn't have competitive. Then the service provided is damn poor. Hopefully the government can giving more licenses to other companies...

Kai Wah said...

I personally don't mind if the monopoly did provide excellent services, but in this case, we need to have a bit of competition to push those firm to improve their services.

joanneww said...

totally agree! frustrated with the dam line. and the operators from streamyx are rude too. the line is too slow and down so often.