Monday, April 16, 2007 - Asian Weblog Advertising Network

This is a weblog marketing network that should be participated by Malaysian bloggers as part of your online money making revenue model, besides being a new e-commerce business model. is not just another Asian version ala Google Adsense. The simple yet catchy theme of advertisers + bloggers = money + happy indicates that there are more than just earning the money from this program. The community services provided is expanding from donation to charity. (Hopefully there will be more free trips, gifts, vouchers especially and gatherings in the future, hahaha).

There are 3 most important attraction of joining the advertlets namely local content, its hybrid polling and advertising feature, and getting paid in local currency. (Yes! in RM instead of USD).

Local content:
Most of the advertisments are designed with the local content. After all, majority of our readers are our friends. So obviously it would be more advantages for the local advertisers to grab this opportunity of the efficiency of targeted advertisment towards the local markets, particularly the local blog readers. Local contents enable the readers to conduct the transaction conveniently minus the worries of high shipping costs incurred besides faster delivery time.

Hybrid polling and advertising feature:
This innovative feature is definitely plus point with the ability for bloggers to make custom poll. The rotation feature is providing another new experience for readers. This enable the advertisers to come out with new e-commerce business model.

Paid in RM:
This is definitely something that I am looking forward to. As most of the advertisers would pay in USD, the payment in RM is very beneficial for local bloggers as no conversion rate is needed to be applied to the payment (with RM is getting stronger against the USD nowadays, we are getting less after the conversion). Another problem lurking on our local bloggers is the processing fees inposed by the banks in processing the foreign check. Different banks have different rates - some can be quite high where a big chunk of your payment will be disappeared. With local cheque, basically we are getting the nett of what we have earned.

That's sum up: Advertlets = More Money + Happy Blogging.

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