Monday, February 05, 2007

Software piracy level down by 2% in Malaysia (2004)

While browsing Star In.Tech [May 2005] (page 3), it was noted that the software piracy rate in Malaysia has declined by only 2% from 63% to 61% last year (2004).

According to the same report, the Asia Pacific region has three of the world's top five pirating countries namely Vietnam (92%), China (90%) and Indonesia (87%). "Worldwide, one out of every three copies of software in use has been obtained illegally."

Within the same issue on page 26 features the plights of the original DVDs in China where it is having a tough fight with the pirated version. It was estimated that last year, Chinese consumers brough about one billion home video discs where 95% of them were pirated.

Question: How to fight pirated copies of software where there is abundant of demand and supply which fulfill the basic requirment of economic theory?

Tonight's heavy rain (which causes the pasar malam traders to close their businesses earlier) is one of the solution. No pirated CDs or VCDs for at least a day. However, pirated CDs/VCDs/DVDs stalls are mushrooming near the mamak stall or restaurants.

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