Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SMS and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

If you like to SMS, be careful as you may be suffering injuries to your thumbs and fingers.

Some facts from UK:

  • 93.5 million sms sent in a day
  • 38% suffer sore wrists and thumbs
  • 3.8 million complain of text-related injuries each year
  • 12% send 20 texts per day
  • 10% send up to 100 texts per day
Read this article from Yahoo!News.

LONDON (Reuters) - Mobile telephone text messaging has become so popular in Britain that millions of users now suffer injuries to their thumbs and fingers because of their love of keeping in touch, according to a survey on Tuesday.

Over 93.5 million text messages are sent every day but all this digit action has lead to an explosion in people reporting cases of repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Thirty-eight percent more people suffer from sore wrists and thumbs due to texting than five years ago and 3.8 million people now complain of text-related injuries every year.

The survey for Virgin Mobile found the texting phenomenon shows no sign of slowing. Over 12 percent of the population admit to sending 20 texts per day and 10 percent confess to sending up to 100 texts every day.

While psychologists say it is important for people to communicate there is a danger that using arms-length tools like texting and email is making people uncomfortable with more intimate face-to-face conversations.

There has even been concern voiced that some people run the risk of becoming addicted to excessive texting.

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