Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Russia - The next country for 3G

After China, the next country that is going to offer 3G services is Russia - another giant country with a huge market for 3G. Read the news below from Yahoo!News.

MOSCOW (AFP) - Russia will this year begin offering licenses for third generation (3G) mobile telephones, Telecommunications Minister Leonid Reiman said.

The traditional market for mobile phones was approaching saturation in Russia, meaning that the time had come to begin granting 3G licenses, he said in remarks carried by the Novosti news agency Monday.

On January 1 "there were around 120 million mobile phone subscribers in Russia and it is obvious that with a population of 150 million we must soon reach saturation level," Reiman said.

Third generation mobile phone technology allows operators to offer such services as music, TV, video and Internet access to customers with compatible handsets.

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