Tuesday, February 06, 2007

G-CASH - Mobile Payment Systems: The Philippine's Experience

A very successful application of Mobile Payment Systems using SMS in Philippine. Information displayed is from the official website of the G-Cash.

This story is related to Lecture 5.

G-CASH: Bringing Philippine schools into the m-commerce era

With the introduction of G-Cash, the world's first cashless and cardless mobile commerce service, Globe has brought m-commerce to the Philippines. Now, Globe brings G-Cash to the country's schools and encourages young students to explore the service's limitless possibilities.

G-Cash transforms cellphones into mobile wallets, allowing Globe subscribers to make payments or send remittances, all with a simple text message. It is already accepted as payment in various establishments like fast food chains, bookstores and drugstores. Now accredited by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, G-Cash can be used as a means of payment for renewal of business licenses and income tax.

Early this year, G-Cash won the first award for Best Mobile Messaging Service at the prestigious GSM Association Awards in Cannes, France. Just recently, it won the Most Innovative Mobile Operator Service at the Asian MobileNews Awards in Singapore and was also chosen as the Best M-Commerce Application or Service at the Global Messaging Awards in London.


  1. Why G-Cash can be successfully being implemented in Philippine?
  2. How does this method can be transferred to Malaysian context?
  3. Can Mobile Money fulfilling it's promising role in promoting mobile payment in Malaysia?

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John said...

For those interested in seeing an actual example of how G-Cash is being used in the Philippines, you can see a video on You Tube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz4HFSNgvuw