Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to the new semester - Jan 2009

A warm welcome to all students for the new semester of UBAI3013 E-Commerce.

The purpose of setting up this blog few years back is to provide students with some latest developments and applications in e-commerce and Internet especially in the Malaysia context. There are many topics available in this blog such as:

E-commerce Business models
Electronic Payment
Internet Security
Legal issues related to E-commerce
...... and lots more

During the last May semester, students were required to blog as part of their assignment. Altogether, 120 blogs were created and being listed here:
My students' blogroll - 120 blogs

For assignment purpose, there are two video tutorial posted here which are very useful for you to learn on how to start blogging using either the or platform:

Video tutorial on how to set up a new blog (Blogspot)

Video Tutorial on creating a WordPress blog

Hope you enjoy this course.

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