Friday, May 30, 2008

The new millionaire on the Blog - Dr M

The Malaysian blog sphere is celebrating a new Malaysian millionaire on the Blog - our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad.

Within the short period of 30 days since May 1 when he started his blog, has touched the 1st million mark.

To hit the million marks in blogging is quite tough for a new blogger. It may takes a few years before being able to achieve this but to do it within 30 days is truly remarkable.

I personally put up a short comment on his post to congratulate Tun for his achievement. (The 4th comment published)

I'm particularly like the latest post on anti-war focuses on making war a punishable crime. One's should not use war as an excuse for achieving peace.

In his novel, Human Revolution, Mr Daisaku Ikeda wrote:
War is barbarous and inhuman.
Nothing is more cruel, nothing more tragic.
It is true that nobody would like war to be happened in any country throughout the world. The only person who want war is a person who do not cherish peace and dignity of life. Thus, to make the war as a punishable crime is one of the way to create a more peaceful world.

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