Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Top 5 technology trends for 2008

2007 is the year for Facebook, iPhone and Wii. I decided to give Facebook a try towards the end of last year and I'm truly addicted to its applications and contents till now.

How about 2008? What are the new technologies that can change the way people lives this year?

These are the top 5 technology trends for 2008:

1. Web applications going off line
New applications will be available to take rich web content and make it available off line. Example:

  • Air (Adobe) ebay's application enable users to do the auction setting off line and the listing will be automatically posted in the web when the user connects to the Internet.
  • Silverlight (Microsoft) have the ability to build desktops applications and run it in the web browsers.
  • Gear (Google) allow web content to be taken off line too.

2. Ultra mobile PCs
Asus launched the EEE model last year (weighted less than 1 kg and cost below USD 400). It is expected to achieve 5 million units sales in 2008. Ultra mobile PCs will be operating on flash memory instead of hard disk. Samsung is already coming up with a flash memory card of 128G. Apple may also launching an ultra mobile Macbooks this year.

3. Internet TV
With the improvement on the broadband connection especially WIMAX, there will be more Internet Protocol TV services available in the market. In UK, competition become more intensified with BT Vision, Virgin Media, O2, Orange and BBC's iPlayers are vying the UK market share on IPTV.

There WIMAX revolution is expected to go big in Europe. The ability to deliver the high speed broadband over a long distance is going to change the web technologies and cyberspace tremendously.

5. Mobile VOIP
With Voice Over Internet Protocol, telephone call rates will be reduced dramatically. Skype launched the VOIP last year which enable users to make calls from PC. Nokia also came out with four new models which incorporated the ability to use this technology.

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