Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ways to pay bills online

There are three ways to pay bills over the Internet:

Online banking
Customer signs up with the preferred bank online services and make all his or her bill payments from his or her bank accounts. This enable the customer to conduct the transaction from a single website. Most of the Malaysian banks are providing such facilities in the online banking services.

Biller direct
Customer will makes payments at each biller website using the credit card as the main payment instrument. Customer will view their bills online at the biller website and complete the payment at the same site too. This method require customer to visit all the biller website to make payments for all his or her bills. Utilities and telecommunications are the main website associated with this payment method.

Bill consolidator
Customer enrolls to receive and pay bills for multiple billers at the bill consolidator's website. Bills will be sent to the website and customer will initiate payments through multiple payments options. One of the local example of bill consolidator is Pay Bills Malaysia (http://www.paybillsmalaysia.com)

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