Saturday, November 03, 2007

Olympic Games Ticket System Crashes

Overwhelming demand for the Olympics 2008 tickets caused the booking system to crash, jamming the telephone lines and lengthy queues when the sales was opened on 30th Oct.

A total 8 million hits on the ticketing website were received in the first hour. The telephone calls received were exceeding 3.8 million.

This resulted the tickets sales to be suspended until further notice on Nov 5th.

This is an official announcement from the Games' website:
(BEIJING, October 30) -- The head of the BOCOG Ticketing Center said Tuesday that after careful consideration and discussions with the relevant technical partners, and to ensure the interests of the public, BOCOG has decided to temporarily halt the domestic ticket sales in the second phase to improve the technical plan and will announce new ticketing information on November 5.

Efforts have been taken to improve the system. A press conference was also being held to explain the suspension by the BOCOG official - BOCOG official explains the suspension of the domestic ticket sales

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