Friday, November 16, 2007

e-government: Malaysia is now ranked 25th

According to the survey done by Brown University on Rhode Island, US on international e-government ranking list, Malaysia has improved tremendously since 2005.

was ranked 157 out of 198 countries in 2005. This year, the ranking leapfrogs to 25! This is mainly due to the Malaysian government efforts in promoting e-government services.

The top four nations are South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and United States.

Malaysian e-government successful applications:
  • Government’s drive for e-government services
  • Electronic Labour Exchange ( has matched 75,000 potential employees with employers since 2005.
  • SMS alert on e-government services
  • Online renewal of driving licenses
  • Electronic filing of income tax forms
  • Voter information
  • Details for government tenders
  • Employment opportunities

Problems faced in e-government implementation:

  • Lacks of public awareness – 60% of the public are not aware of the services offered. Solution: Increase awareness through TV advertisements and organizing workshops at shopping malls.
  • Online Behaviour - Malaysians remain sceptical on being distrust on electronic transaction especially on banking online and buying from an Internet store.
  • Language barrier – Most of the government websites had in the past been in Bahasa Malaysia. However, there are English versions now.

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