Monday, October 08, 2007

E-mail-free Fridays campaign in US

Executives nowadays are overwhelmed with loads of e-mail everyday.

Each day, there are 39.7 billion person-to-person emails, 17.1 billion automatic alerts and 40.5 billion pieces of spam are sent worldwide. In a day, a white-collar executive may receive 100 to 150 messages. US Cellular Corp estimated that its 7,000 employees spend 90 minutes a day reading emails.

To tackle this issue of e-mail overloading, 150 engineers in Intel, US launched the "Zero E-Mail Fridays" - a day in the week where employees are encouraged to have face-to-face or phone conversation rather than using emails to correspond. The idea is to create a more direct, free flowing communication and better exchange of ideas.

Another method used is to declare e-mail bankruptcy - deleting or archiving the entire in-box and start over.

Dear readers,
How many email messages that you receive in a day?
What do you think about an e-mail free day? (except the weekend, of course)
How about deleting your entire inbox and start over?

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