Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shopping Cart Solution

One of the important mechanisms required for an electronic storefront to operate is the electronic shopping cart. An electronic shopping cart is useful for buyers as it allow them to accumulate items they wish to buy while they continue to shop. In short, shopping cart is the collection of items to be purchased.

Depending on the size of the organisations and companies, different strategies are being employed to obtain the shopping cart software for their transactional websites. Normally large organisation will use their own expertise or outsource its design and development of the shopping cart together with the e-commerce software with some well known software vendors. The designed e-commerce software is to be integrated with the company's ERP systems.

Medium sized companies will look for ready-made e-commerce software that are available in the market or over-the-shelf products. Small-sized companies or individual will normally use the services provided by commerce service provider or web-based electronic shopping cart such as Ashop Commerce.

The advantages of using web-based hosted shopping cart such as Ashop Commerce are cost saving, easy to maintain, no installation will be required, availability of technical support and customer services, and expertise provided by the service providers. This leading provider of hosted shopping cart software also provide total solution which incorporate the shopping cart with the ecommerce software. This make the job of setting an electronic storefront becoming easier and faster.

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