Friday, August 17, 2007

How to get 500 links? has came out with a suggestion on how to get extra 500 links to your blog in order to boost up your Pagerank.

Take this list below and post it on your site adding your name to the bottom. Nothing new here. Just a link list that is like chain mail.

Step 1:

Start highlighting here
Derek Semmler
Make more Money and Save more Money
Cell Phones
John Chow
Binding Machines
Windshield replacement
Music Reviews
My E-Commerce
Stop highlighting here

Step 2:
Paste the list on your blog post and recommend others do just the same. Add your link to the bottom and there you go. If you do this and 3 of your blog readers do this, and so forth, overnight you can well over 500 links to your site.


Do you think this method will work?
Based on the logical thinking, it may work if our readers did exactly as the 2 steps mentioned. In my opinion, I'm not sure whether it may or may not be working. Why not give it a try and see which direction that it will go. Anyway, this is an application of how viral marketing being used to promote a website or blog.

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