Thursday, July 19, 2007

Worldwide Broadband Prices and Speed

Below are some facts revealed by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on global broadband prices and speed.

Fact 1: Countries that switched to the fiber optic networks had the best speed at the lowest prices.

Currently there are 4 countries are offering 100Mbps net connection namely Japan, Sweden, Korea and Finland. Japan's broadband per megabit per second is priced at USD$ 0.22 (RM0.77), the lowest among all the countries surveyed. The most expensive broadband per megabit per second can be found in Turkey with USD$ 81.13 (RM283.95)

Comparatively, US's and UK's broadband per megabit per second are priced at USD$ 3.18 (RM11.13) and USD$ 3.62 (RM12.67) respectively.

In Malaysia, TMNet is going to provide the 100Mbps net connection soon. However, the price has not be determined.

Fact 2: There is a decrease of 19% in broadband prices but at the same time an increase in speed by 29% during the period of the survey, which is a very positive indications.

Fact 3: Sweden has the least expensive monthly subscription for broadband with USD$ 10.79 on the 256kbps followed by Denmark and Switzerland. Mexico is the highest with USD$52.36 (RM183.26) for a 1 Mbps net connection per month.

Currently the Streamyx is charging around RM77.00 (USD$ 22.00) for 1 megabit broadband connection per month.

For more reading, click here - BBC News: Global broadband prices revealed

Personal Note:
It is good to see that the prices is going down and the speed is increasing. However, the consistency and reliability of the services should also be looking into as the services rendered must be in par with the prices paid. Looking forward for a better services coupled with speedier connection for a worthy price.

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