Tuesday, July 10, 2007

iZZi - Malaysia Mobile Wireless Boardband Services

iZZi - the latest mobile wireless broadband services launched in Malaysia by iZZinet Sdn Bhd. The service offers 1 Mbps access speed for a monthly fee starting from RM88 to RM118.

There are 3 packages offerred namely iZZIone which use the PCMCIA card (RM88), iZZiyou which connect through the USD Terminal (RM98) and iZZipro specially for desktop terminal which cost RM118).

The iZZi mobile wireless braodband services is based on the iBurst technology.

What is iBurst?
It is a wireless broadband Internet system which uses adaptive-array antenna technology as well as SDMA, multi-carrier wideband and other technologies to achieve high speed, high capacity and excellent portability. It makes broadband Internet access easy at any time or place, including real-time video streaming, large-volume data downloads and web browsing.

How is it different from Hotspot?
Range - signals from hotspots are limited to 50 metres whereas signals from iZZi can be picked-up several km from the base station.

iZZi also provides extra advantages on the mobility and you can stil surfing Internet while you are travelling in the car.

Coverage area
Currently it is only available at limited area around Klang Valley. Refer to the map below. Could you find your spot?

Personal opinion:
I would welcome new services such as iZZi if they can provide better services as promised as well as competitiveness to the existing service providers. However, I would also wait to see how its performance. Looking at the coverage area, I still have to wait as its seems have not cover my areas yet.

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