Saturday, July 14, 2007

Google get sued in China over name

What happen when you pronounce Google in Chinese? You will get GUGE, right?

GUGE is Beijing Guge Science and Technology Ltd.

Now this Chinese firm is suing Google for harming its business because it is too similar to its own name. This actually has led to situation where numerous phone calls to get into contact with Google were made to Beijing Guge Science and Technology Ltd as Google is not being listed in the local telephone directory.

Source: BBC News - Chinese firm sues Google over name

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Similar situation was also encountered by (Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment) which caused the little known website server experienced dramatic increase in the page request up to 2 million hits per month as the popularity of is increasing. This caused the company server to crash a few times and a more reliable server were required.

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Google is currently engaging in a domain name battle with another China firm for

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