Monday, June 11, 2007

You are being watched at work - Terengganu Government warned

For more than 1000 staff in the state administration building, they have to be on their toes and 'acted' as all their actions at work are being captured now with the installation of CCTVs at several undisclosed places at their workplaces.

Terengganu Government acknowledged that there are 16 unit of CCTVs being installed for security purposes have been recording their workers' movements in the office to check on their workers whether their are performing their office etiquettes. It was added that this will be able to enhance the delivery systems and efficiency of the state departments and agencies. There will be another 26 units being purchased, making it a total of 42 units.

Some of the employees lauded this initiatives as they felt it will further motivate them to work harder as their supervisors or superiors will be watching over them. The Cuepacs President welcomed this idea as long as it helps to enhance productivity, efficiency and discipline among the employees.

Source: TheStar, 11 June 2007

Personal opinion:
I am more concern about the employees privacy and the possibility of the recording being misused by some irresponsible employers, just to mention the recent case in Penang where a technician was seen focusing the CCTV on the thighs of a reporters during a full council meeting rather than recording the meeting procedures.

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