Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tapping the Internet for supplementary resources in teaching

Should teachers tap into the Internet for supplementary resource in teaching? This is one of the suggestions posed by Penang Education director to teachers. Beside this, he urged teachers to equip themselves with necessary skills, knowledge and understanding on how to use ICT effectively in the classroom.

Although the Internet contains a huge pool of information, extra cautions need to be exercised to ensure all the materials used are accurate and authenticated. I used Internet extensively to search for relevant news and updates for my lectures and discussions. Of course, I would only use the materials from reliable sources.

Normally, I browse through the interesting and related topics using the RSS feeds that I subscribed such as BBC News Technology and NewYork Times Technology. I would then share of these in my E-commerce blog, hopefully some readers and my students will be able exposed to the latest developments and applications on e-commerce. Previously I posted these entries on my old blog.

Beside the e-commerce blog, I also tried e-Forum and mailing list such as YahooGroups. Currently both features are incorporated into the Web-based Learning Environment systems which I just started to use it this semester. I would find that all these ICT facilities help to enhance the learning and sharing processes for both the students and lecturers.

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